The moment of fate – arriving at school and meeting my supervisor

So after months of wondering what it would be like, my co-JET and I finally met our supervisor and went to our school. I work at a private, all-girls school in Kichijoji. It’s very focused on sports, and has trained Olympians. We arrived and met the Principal, Vice Principal, and one of the Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs) we will be working with. I was expecting something much more formal. From orientation, I got the idea that I would be shunned for life if I bowed to the wrong degree level or accepted a business card with one hand instead of two. But it was quick and casual, and every one was very nice. I accidentally said “Ohayō gozaimasu,” meaning “Good Morning (it was 3 pm), instead of “Hajimemashite,” meaning “Nice to meet you.” Oops! It was fine, nobody cared. We met with our predecessors, got some information about the job, and picked up our luggage, then headed back to our short-stay apartment. Let me tell you, dragging two 50-pound suitcases across the Tokyo subway in a pencil skirt and heels is no easy feat.


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