First Impressions

– Just SO MANY people. And for the first time in my life, I’m in the minority.
– Driving/walking on the left-hand side is going to take some getting used to. I keep finding myself on the wrong side, going against traffic.
– The city is spotless. There is no trash anywhere. But, there are also no trashcans anywhere. It’s a mystery to me – where does the trash go?!?
– Holly hell, it’s hot and humid. And I’m told that it’s been “record cool” for Tokyo summer. I’m scared for when it gets hotter.
– Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. Everyone seems to speak at least a little English. Most signs, thankfully, are also in English, which is great because I’m illiterate right now.
– It’s organized chaos. Even the super crowded subway cars are organized. Everyone stands facing the same direction, same number of people on each side.
– The fashion: everyone is dressed up. I love the style. It’s more modest than in the US, and everyone looks super classy. Most ladies wear heels. Its summer, so the men wear “Cool Biz” – short sleeved collared shirts.
– The food is amazing. Most menus have pictures, so I can sort-of guess what I’m ordering. Konbinis (convenience stores) are everywhere, open 27/4, and actually have really good food.
– Vending machines errrrrrrywhere.




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